Interviewing Indie Devs | Sherwood Extreme

The Wild world of Parkour Robin Hood

"Parkour meets Robin Hood in this action packed adventure of extraordinary proportions! I sit down with developers at CAGE Studios and talk the gameplay, the co-op, and a whole lot more!"


We break down the gameplay, the character customization, the co-op, and a whole lot more in todays interview with indie dev CAGE Studios! Join us as we head to Nottingham to discuss the parkour, action adventure title, Sherwood Extreme!


Make sure to follow CAGE Studios on twitter, check out the demo for Sherwood Extreme, and join the games discord to stay up to date on everything on the way!



Until next time, stay curious, stay entertained and stay Gaming!


As always stay gaming, stay curious, and stay entertained!


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-April 10, 2021 12:00 am EST-
By: Nick Lehner