Go Heroes - Written Interview

A Quest for Answers

Steam's Summer Sale has arrived at last! With endless possibilities available from both indie based, and AAA alike, the summer will no doubt be a memorable one. Yet, as you sift through the endless possibilities on your PC in search of the perfect game, PM takes a closer look at one not yet released. Go Heroes is an exciting upcoming title that unleashes players into the world of ancient Greece to play as the hero Prometheus. We were enamored by the games concept, and so, set out on a quest for answers. Here is our written interview covering everything from gameplay to a potential release window with Happyland Games’ two person team Vasiliki and Marinos!

Dive Into Ancient Greece

1. )  What was the main inspiration behind the creation of Go Heroes?

Our journey with GO HEROES goes back to 2017. We were just beginning our quest in game development when we participated in a 48hr game jam held by a Greek University; the actual theme was "Prometheus". We admired the Titan's achievements, and we also wanted to explore the possibilities of turn-based battles on exploration games. Thus GO HEROES was prototyped.


2. ) Being a Roguelike game, does Go Heroes feature perma-death or some kind of hardcore mode with limited lives?


Yes, the game will have two modes. A "Mortal" Mode where gamers will enjoy the experience of the environment and the plot; and a "Titan" Mode where perma-death will show no mercy to mistakes.


3. ) Will Go Heroes have any open world areas for players to explore the rich world of ancient Greece?


We are implementing open fields that will allow and reward gamers for exploring every inch of the everlasting ancient Greek world.


4. ) Talk to us about how players can expect to rank up their character as the story in Go Heroes progresses, will there be some kind of skills tree?


The gamers will collect legendary items that existed in Greek Mythology. We don't have a skill tree, but we have implemented an intuitive character progression system.


5. )  What level, character, or boss sticks out as one that you enjoyed working on the most, and why?


We have made a Boss we love, he is a Cyclop guarding an entrance; his name is Brontes, and he actually is a pretty cool guy. He inspired a plot twist, and while working on his level, we changed our perspective on the game and its possibilities.

We also love a volcano level, where we explored turn-based action escorting. As mind-bending will be to beat that level was to build it too!


6. ) Talk about the combat system in Go Heroes, what different weapons are available to use, and how will they affect battles?


We have developed an action turn-based combat system with limitless possibilities. The hero will collect legendary weapons, which will give him Melee, Range, and AOE attack skills. So the choice of weapons will result in different gameplay styles.


7. ) Talk about the puzzle system in Go Heroes, is it similar to something like Breath of the Wild’s trails or Tomb Raiders puzzles?


The puzzles are turn-based and grid-based, and are mostly environmental and connected to the lore. We are using puzzles to move forward the plot, so they are tricky and cunning but not punishing. We love the Tomb Raider series, but Indiana Jones movies have also been a great inspiration to us!



8. ) How long is the story mode going to be for Go Heroes, and are you considering add on dlc content following launch (events, skins, bonus levels, ect.)?


GO HEROES developer's playthrough will be around 2 hours, we have seen gamers double even triple the length of our gameplay. As for the DLC, yes, we are considering a DLC following the launch. We have plans for new episodes of heroes that had an impact on human history. Later on, we could even think of exploring new mythologies.


9. ) What platforms will Go Heroes be released for, and is there any potential for it to release to consoles?


We are developing GO HEROES for desktops and consoles, keyboards and gamepads. So being a two people studio -at least for now- desktops will be GO HEROES initial release, and we will try our best for consoles to follow on time!


10.) Will Go Heroes have an open or closed beta, and when can players expect the games release?


An open alpha demo will be happening in July. We are also planning a Kickstarter campaign this year and, hopefully, a full release Q2 2021. So people who want to join the alpha playtest are very welcomed to subscribe to our mail list. We will really appreciate people who agree to stream their playtests walkthrough and help us make a game that gamers will love!

Your Quest Fast Approaches

Go Heroes unique game mechanics and art style will no doubt set the game apart from its peers upon releases in 2021. Don’t want to wait that long? Happyland Games definitely has more up their sleeves along the way to release that can be found on their twitter page. In the mean time however, make sure to check out their website, Steam page, and keep in mind that Go Heroes will soon be on Kickstarter as well! Check out the raw game footage below, and let us know your thoughts on the upcoming title!  

-July 07, 2020 5:00 pm EDT-
-By: Nick Lehner-