-February 28, 2020 1:00 am EDT-
By: Nick Lehner

Broomstick League | The Game that must be Named  

Potter Fans Rejoice?

At first glance it seems that Broomstick League is simply another imitation of the Harry Potter game Quidditch. Yet upon closer inspection the title delivers a far more unique experience. Developed by Blue Isle Studios, Virtual Basement, and Code Masters, Broomstick League was first announced in the fall of 2019. Since then the game has had two closed betas and revealed a plethora of information and gameplay. Players are dropped into beautiful arenas where they must combine strategy with magic to out maneuver and out score their opponents. Is it exactly what every Harry Potter fan needs in their life? Let’s review what we know.


Broomstick League delivers a fast paced, magic packed, multiplayer sports game with unlimited potential. Jump on your broom and race across massive arenas in a battle to outscore your opponents in 1v1 or team based matches. Each player is outfitted with a wand and a broomstick as they set out for victory. Wand gameplay centers around two spells, the blast and blink spells. Use the blink spell to dodge enemy attacks, or the blast spell to stun opponents and steal away the ball. Create an opening to score with teleport, or disrupt an enemy push by casting the blast spell to get the ball back.


Developers blended realism with fantasy when building Broomstick League’s flying mechanics. Pick up speed with your broomstick by diving down past opposing players to create an opening. Then combine your speed with magic, and anything is possible. Games can be broken down in either 3v3, 2v2, or 1v1, with an option to play practice matches with up to five bot players per team. Host private or LAN servers, or team up with friends online to dominate the skies. Finally, Broomstick League lets you keep track of your progression with player leaderboards, stat tracking, and an immersive leveling system.              

Arena's & Customization

Broomstick League delivers five distinct arenas for players to face off within. Be it sand, kingdom, or ice. On a dragons back, or with a hoard of trolls lurking in the background. Each arena is distinctly different, presenting with it unique challenges as players look to outscore their adversaries.


Before players win matches however, the games rich customization is revealed through character customization. Create your very own witch or wizard from a vast assortment of options. Then as you level up unlock new wands, broomsticks, broomstick and wand traits, and goal explosions.             

Platform | Price | Release Date 

Now the big questions, what, when, and how much? First and foremost Broomstick League will be available as a Steam exclusive to start, with a possible expansion to consoles at a later date. With this in mind, the title may also appear on Nvidia’s latest cloud gaming platform GeForce Now. Developers have not mentioned this possibility, but given the platforms ability to support Steam titles it's a reasonable possibility. Especially since making the title accessible through GeForce Now would provide access to a far larger player pool.


When will the game be released? Broomstick League will launch as an early access title on March 5th. Developers will use early access to fix bugs, implement changes, and add additional new content. From game arenas and modes, to additional customization options developers will be implementing quite a bit. Blue Isle Studios and company explained in an interview with Steam early access will last nine to twelve months, with a final launch occurring in late 2020, to early 2021.   


Price? Unfortunately Broomstick Leagues exact price is yet to be revealed just yet. Developers did elaborate that when released as an early access title players will be able to purchase the game at a discounted price. A price that will inevitably go up upon the games full launch.

Alohomora Gamers?

Broomstick League blends Rowling’s wizard game of Quidditch with Psyonix’s intense Rocket League experience. The games fast paced, competitive atmosphere mixes perfectly with a fantasy world of magic and mystery leaving an undeniably satisfying game. While it may not be from the same world as the boy who lived, Broomstick League is worth any wizarding world fans time. More than that it seems like a viable option for any gamer seeking a high speed, strategy packed, magic infused, challenge.